– Exceptional Software Solutions

Exceptional Software Solutions

We are a software company that creates all kinds of trading software for your success

We create really great software, inside and out

Desktop, mobile apps – we build phenomenal software for any kind of domain you want to use. Simple, yet effective, extensible and growing systems which are easy to maintain: this is the key to your success, and we are ready to provide you with it.

Trading software

Trading software

We offer trading software on a turn-key basis for brokers and trading firms. Everything you need for a trading platform to functioning perfectly is already there when you get it from us: order routers, market data and signals, gateways and more.

App Development

App Development

Thinknetics is an expert in rapid prototyping and development of modern apps for any domain including e-commerce, order entry, trading, and more. Scalable systems that grow automatically as needed and can be easily intergraded with the existing software.



We have the knowledge and hardware to get your business infrastructure up and running. IT services for the companies of any size, hosting, system administration and other features for the smooth company run.

From prototype to launch

In Thinknetics we help you create the exact trading system you needed. We control the whole process of the software creation: from the initial prototype through development and testing to final delivery to a customer and launch.
It results in stable, secure, and high-performance software easily maintained.

High standards

When it comes to creating a trading software, we don’t only follow the standards, we are the standard ourselves. We are experts in designing, developing and maintaining the software of the highest quality

Real time systems

When it comes to trading, the up-to-date data becomes a crucial factor. Our applications and infrastructure are highly performant, which means your system gets the real time data almost immediately – as fast as it is possible

Big Data

There’s no such thing as data too big for us. Whether you create a database or need someone to professionally organize the process of usage of this data – Thinknetics takes care of big data concerns for you

Support and maintenance

Whether you have any question or problem, we are ready to help you solve it. Thinknetics takes care of its clients and creations, so we help you maintain the platform, monitor and administrate it if you need us.