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Mobile Analytics
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The world’s financial market at your fingertips: Thinknetics produces the software with a full-range of trading and investing tools that allow you to access the market anywhere and anytime.

Thinknetics creates your trading future

Thinknetics creates your trading future

Access the market at any place and whenever you need it – the mobile trading is what’s the future stands for. Mobile doesn’t mean less capable than desktop, and Thinknetics software is ready to prove it.

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Streaming Quotes

We know how important it is for traders to get the relevant info and live-stock updates in time. Get real-time streaming quotes and news to make investment decisions fast.

Analytic Market News

The market is changing constantly – be updated on the latest important news gathered in one app. Thinknetics integrates relevant news content from different sources in one app.

Price Alerts

Let your clients know exactly when it’s time to take an action. Manage price alerts according to the signals chosen and never miss an opportunity that the market gives!

Interactive Charts

The most relevant information is crucial. Thinknetics provides live charts of three types: bars, candlesticks, and lines, as well as nine timeframes and essential technical indicators. Be sure your clients get the most out of the technical analysis.


Provide your clients with fast access to international markets, real-time market data with minimum delays and smooth app run. Thinknetics will take care of it for you.


Nothing is worse than bugs, lags, and downtime. We provide you with the stable app that allows consolidating all your customers’ data, trading history and reports in one place.

Choose how you want us
to deliver the application:

(Software as a Product)

The product is fully adapted to your platform and servers. Buy a licensed version of your very own customized application and have full control over your actions. You won’t have any limitations on the way to your financial achievements.

(Software as a Service)

The product works as an online subscription that provides the whole software package. The attractive price together with user-friendly interface and fast support make it an enjoyable application that runs smoothly and guarantees you success in your aims.

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